APCOR Construction and Development’s primary role as owner’s representative is to provide oversight and coordination of the project from the owner’s perspective and to ensure that it is delivered on schedule, on budget, with the highest quality possible. We view ourselves as an extension of the owner and solely represent the owner’s interest independent of the design professionals and general contractor.
   Acting as an owner’s representative, APCOR can provide an overview of and make recommendations on engineering, design and scope, as well as on contract matters, budget adjustments, proposed changes, schedule changes, time extensions and resolution of problems or questions that arise throughout a project’s life.
   Initial discussion of a project in detail will be paramount to the project’s success. While a good consultant can anticipate the needs of the project, clear direction must still come from the client. Team members should be allowed to express and explore their respective professional opinions in assessing the needs of the project.
   APCOR can work with your architects and contractors already in place or we can draw upon our industry knowledge and identify and recommend those firms in the local design and construction community that are qualified to complete the project.
   Our experience has taught us that utilizing and managing qualified local firms is, in most cases, the most cost effective avenue for the client since these firms normally have long standing relationships with material suppliers resulting in better pricing. They are also attuned to the needs of local bureaucracies, which is crucial for the permitting and approval process and they are better able to deal with local labor and social issues.
   Projects ranging from basic to upscale residences, boutiques, banks, restaurants, healthcare facilities, high rise office, and resort & recreational projects are well within the experience of APCOR and its strategic alliance partners.
   Whichever way you opt to work, APCOR Construction + Development will put together a project team focused on the successful completion of your project.

Owner Representation Services:

  • Pre-Construction Phase
  • Project scope development 
  • Strategic planning 
  • Site selection assistance 
  • Architect / Engineer selection 
  • Preliminary feasibility analysis 
  • Budget cost estimating 
  • Assistance with selection of the design team 
  • Risk evaluation 
  • Project controls development

Design/Development Phase

  • Project design and planning coordination 
  • Analysis of alternative project delivery systems 
  • Architect / Engineer team management 
  • Value engineering 
  • Life-cycle cost analysis 
  • Constructability reviews 
  • Project schedule development 
  • Divisional budget development 
  • Assistance in obtaining site plan approval 
  • General and supplementary conditions preparation

Procurement Phase

  • Project delivery selection
  • Preparation of bid package
  • Pre-qualification of bidders 
  • Bid analysis & recommendations 
  • Assistance with permitting 
  • Ensure insurance and bonding is in place 
  • Interview proposed construction team 
  • Procurement of Owner bought materials and surveying

Construction Phase

  • Coordination of project team members 
  • Attendance at Owner/Architect meetings
  • Contractor meetings 
  • Monitor progress of the project 
  • Monitor quality of construction 
  • Monitor adherence to the construction schedule 
  • Monitor adherence to the contract documents 
  • Monitor safety compliance 
  • Monitor RFI process 
  • FF&E coordination 
  • Administer payment requisitions
  • Review change order proposals 
  • Financial reporting 
  • Construction Closeout Phase
  • Assist with punch list development 
  • Ensure all warranties are submitted properly 
  • Ensure O&M manuals are submitted properly 
  • Training coordination 
  • Project closeout support 
  • Assist in procuring the certificate of occupancy